New words – 27 September 2021

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moon water noun [U]
UK /ˈmuːn.wɔː.təʳ/ US /ˈmuːn.wɑː.t̬ɚ/
water that has been left in a container outside under the light of the Moon, thought by some people to absorb energy from the Moon and have health benefits when used later

As you might expect from the name, moon water is simply water that has been energetically charged by moonlight … According to Paolo, different phase of the lunar cycle are best for different purposes. “You will need to decide the lunar phase in which you are going to make your moon water, as each phase serves a different purpose,” he says.
[, 1 August 2021]

sea snot noun [U]
UK /ˈsiː.snɒt/ US /ˈsiː.snɑːt/
a thick, sticky substance found in the sea, made up of small organisms and thought to be partly caused or made worse by climate change

A thick layer of organic matter known as marine mucilage has spread in the Sea of Marmara, covering harbours, shorelines and swathes of the surface south of Istanbul. Some of the “sea snot” has sunk below the waves, suffocating seabed life … Turkey has vowed to save the Sea of Marmara by launching a disaster management programme meant to clean up the sea snot.
[, 9 June 2021]

fire cloud noun [C]
UK /ˈfaɪə.klaʊd/ US /ˈfaɪr.klaʊd/
a type of cloud that develops in very hot, dry conditions from a large amount of smoke that rises into the air from a fire on the ground

Severe wildfires that engulfed parts of western Canada this week were so intense that they generated massive “fire clouds” that spawned their own lightning storms. In what some experts said was one of the most extreme events they’ve ever witnessed, more than 700,000 intracloud and cloud-to-ground flashes of lightning — from both fire clouds and regular thunderstorms — were recorded Wednesday over a 15-hour period.
[, 2 July 2021]

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