New words – 23 August 2021

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volunteercation noun [C]
UK /ˌvɒl.ənˈtɪə.ˈkeɪ.ʃᵊn/ US /ˌvɑː.lənˈtɪr.ˈkeɪ.ʃᵊn/
a holiday spent doing volunteer work

With foreign travel prospects still uncertain and lockdown easing postponed, UK-based “volunteercations” are on the rise. Experts are predicting a summer of volunteering – especially among students and young people seeking experience and alternative gap years.
[The Observer, 20 June 2021]

peace tourism noun [U]
UK /ˌpiːs.ˈtʊə.rɪ.zᵊm/ US /ˌpiːs.ˈtʊr.ɪ.zᵊm/
travelling to places which are important because of their commitment to peace, often because they are the location of a previous conflict or war

Examples of peace tourism activities include educational field trips to sites such as the Berlin Wall Memorial and the Hiroshima Peace Park. It might also take the form of attending workshops and conferences among conflict resolution professionals or going on guided peace walks that delve into histories of achieving or searching for peace. Visiting famous peace artworks and peace-themed exhibitions, as well as festivals and perfomances are also considered peace tourism activities.
[, 9 April 2021]

kindness economy noun [U]
UK /ˈkaɪnd.nəs.iˈkɒn.ə.mi/ US /ˈkaɪnd.nəs.iˈkɑː.nə.mi/
an economic system that is based on businesses focusing less on profit and more on the interests and values of their customers, employees and society in general

After moving from fear to acceptance of how the world had changed, Portas began thinking about how to make business more ethical and socially aware. She calls this the “kindness economy” and it forms the basis of her new book, Rebuild. It asserts that we’ve all become heartily sick of consumerism and that companies failing to adapt will fall by the wayside.
[The Times, 26 June 2021]

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