New words – 2 August 2021

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re-entry anxiety noun [U]
UK /ˌriːˈen.tri.æŋˌzaɪ.ə.ti/ US /ˌriːˈen.tri.æŋˌzaɪ.ə.t̬i/
a feeling of stress or worry about returning to normal life after the restrictions caused by COVID-19

Everyone is reacclimating to (somewhat) normal life differently, and similarly, re-entry anxiety will look different for those experiencing it. Some may feel general anxiety about the idea of returning to an office, after more than a year of working from home by themselves, while others might be reluctant to meet friends for a cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe.
[, 28 May 2021]

supersense noun [C, usually S]
UK /ˈsuː.pə.sens/ US / ˈsuː.pɚ.sens/
a physical sensation that is the result of an emotion or instinctive feeling you are experiencing but are unaware of

What if there were parts of our minds which we never use, but if awakened, could make us so much happier, connected and alive? What if awakening those parts could bring peace to the conflicts and struggles we all go through? From the cutting edge, where therapy meets neuroscience, Steve Biddulph joins us to explore the new concept of “supersense” – the feelings beneath our feelings – which can guide us to a more awake and free way of living every minute of our lives.
[, 25 April 2021]

main character syndrome noun [U]
UK /meɪn.ˈkær.ək.tə.ˌsɪn.drəʊm/ US /meɪn.ˈker.ək.tɚ.ˌsɪn.droʊm/
the feeling that your life is a film or play and you are the main character in it, with everyone around you playing a less important role

But it’s not just me (thankfully) that occasionally pictures myself as the protagonist of my own personal psychodrama – “main character syndrome” has become increasingly prominent in today’s discourse, with more and more of us wallowing in brief seconds of solipsism … Sarah Louise believes that it’s because of social media platforms that “main character” syndrome has become more popularised, with every action being put under the microscope.
[, 22 June 2021]

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3 thoughts on “New words – 2 August 2021

  1. Adelaide Dupont

    What happened to being the hero [or the villain] in our life stories/narratives?

    I had seen the “main character” reference on Twitter as a trending tag – probably the last fortnight.

    Also there is the concept of Protagonist-Centred Morality which has been discussed a lot in fandom. Which may or may not be Main Character Syndrome applied to ethical understandings.

    I imagine that people may be feeling a lot of re-entry terror and main character syndrome may be a way to cope with that.

    I can also see the contrast with non-playing characters in mass roleplaying games.

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