New words – 26 July 2021

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lazy lawn noun [C]
UK /ˌleɪ.zi.ˈlɔːn/ US /ˌleɪ.zi.ˈlɑːn/
an area of grass, especially in a garden, that is not cut regularly or treated with chemicals to keep it healthy and free of weeds

Immaculate striped green grass is out of favour. Instead, the trend is for “lazy lawns” with brown patches and weeds, the Royal Horticultural Society claims. Such gardens are better for nature, less work, and dry brown grass patches are better to sit on than damp wet grass. He said the lazy lawn fits better with modern lifestyles and is “giving approval for a more environmentally friendly approach”.
[, 2 April 2021]

marine garden noun [C]
UK /məˈriːn.gɑː.dᵊn/ US /məˈriːn.gɑːr.dᵊn/
a large area of water or very wet land that is used to grow plants for food

“This could be the beginning of a new concept of understanding the sea as a garden.” A pilot project was launched to adapt three small areas across a third of a hectare (0.75 acres) of salt marshes into what León calls a “marine garden” … In the marine garden, León and his team were watching as the plant lived up to its reputation as an architect of ecosystems: transforming the abandoned salt marsh into a flourishing habitat teeming with life, from seahorses to scallops.
[, 9 April 2021]

comfort planting noun [U]
UK /ˈkʌm.fət.plɑːn.tɪŋ/ US /ˈkʌm.fɚt.ˈplæn.t̬ɪŋ/
the activity of putting your favourite plants into the soil in your garden, usually ones that are brightly coloured and easy to grow

But what is comfort planting, exactly? Well, as the name suggests it’s simply the idea of filling our gardens with tried and tested favorites that make our hearts sing. Poppies, foxgloves, delphiniums, lupins, roses and hydrangeas – basically anything to give your plot a dose of color and joy … Given that many of us turned to gardening as a source of solace and calm, it makes total sense that the idea of “comfort gardening” would bloom this year.
[, 16 April 2021]

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