New words – 5 July 2021

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sew bro noun [C]
UK /ˈsəʊ.brəʊ/ US /ˈsoʊ.broʊ/
a young, fashionable man who enjoys sewing and making his own clothes

Meanwhile, Google searches for “sewing machines” had increased four-fold in the US. But while the stereotypical sewer has often been an older woman, this has been turned on its head completely: young men, who are now officially known as “sew bros”, are taking hold.
[, 6 May 2021]

royalite noun [C]
a junior member of a royal family whose lifestyle is seen as more relaxed than that of the monarch and other senior royals

For every working royal, though, there’s a royal-slash-socialite, or “royalite”: a minor member of the family treading the fine line between private citizen and representative of Her Majesty. “They will be expected to uphold the values of the Crown and not let the side down,” says Victoria Arbiter, CNN’s royal commentator … Meanwhile, over in Europe, royalites are somewhat less constrained by the concept of duty — the greater the distance to the top job, the more room there is to play.
[, 9 May 2021]

geriatric millennial noun [C]
someone born between the years 1980 and 1985

The first time I heard “geriatric millennial” I thought it was an oxymoron. Sarcastic, even. But as I thought more deeply about it, I realized how perfectly it describes so many of us. Geriatric millennials are a special micro-generation born in the early 1980s that are comfortable with both analog and digital forms of communication. They were the first generation to grow up with technology like a PC in their homes.
[, 22 April 2021]

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