New words – 28 June 2021

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lockdown foot noun [U]
UK /ˌlɒk.daʊn.fʊt/ US /ˌlɑːk.daʊn.fʊt/
a condition resulting from someone having spent lockdown at home in bare feet or slippers, allowing their feet to change shape and making it difficult or painful to wear normal shoes again

Have you got “lockdown foot”? We’ve all re-shaped our feet going barefoot at home so here are 5 simple ways to get back into shoes without damaging yours. Thanks to being mostly housebound, we’ve all been living in slippers or barefoot – and according to one expert, it’s had a major effect on the state of our feet.
[, 18 May 2021]

bungalow leg noun [U]
UK /ˌbʌŋ.gəl.əʊ.leg/ US /ˌbʌŋ.gəl.oʊ.leg/
a condition where the leg muscles have become weak through living in a single-storey house and not having to climb stairs

To many people, moving to a bungalow makes good sense — if aching or immobile joints become a problem then a life without stairs is not only simpler, but also much safer. However, experts warn that making that move too early can actually hasten the decline associated with old age, leading to a phenomenon now being dubbed ‘bungalow leg’.
[, 3 May 2021]

headline stress disorder noun [U]
UK /ˌhed.laɪn.stres.dɪˈsɔː.dəʳ/ US /ˌhed.laɪn.stres.dɪˈsɔːr.dɚ/
a feeling of stress and anxiety caused by reading or watching a lot of negative or worrying news

COVID-19 pandemic headlines can be frightening, especially after watching for an extended period. Consider limiting your news and social media time to prevent “headline stress disorder”. Compartmentalize your media time to only a few minutes a day to minimize the anxiety, depression, and overwhelm that too much media can bring.
[, 12 April 2021]

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