New words – 14 June 2021

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proffee noun [C, U]
UK /ˈprɒf.i/ US /ˈprɑː.fi/
a drink made by mixing cold coffee with protein powder or with a ready-made drink that contains protein

And now, a new caffeine-fuelled trend as spotted by is here to save us from the 3pm slump. Enter ‘proffee’, a drink made with iced coffee or espresso and a protein shake. Loads of TikTokers have uploaded clips of their proffee recipes, most commonly by adding two or three shots of espresso over ice, before pouring over a pre-made protein shake.
[, 18 March 2021]

nolo adjective
UK /ˈnəʊləʊ/ US /ˈnoʊloʊ/
(of a drink) containing no alcohol or a very low amount of alcohol

The global nolo (that’s no- and low-alcohol, for those not in the know) trend has been gaining momentum in recent years, and in Japan, it’s estimated that alcohol consumption has halved over the last decade for people in their 20s and 30s. Forget the stereotypical drunken salarymen – with the exciting range of nolo bars and drinks, it’s a great time to cut out the hard stuff.
[, 26 April 2021]

tea bomb noun [C]
UK /ˈtiː.bɒm/ US /ˈtiː.bɑːm/
tea and other ingredients such as herbs and edible flowers contained within a clear, hard shell that melts when it is put into hot water

The tea bombs trend recently took the centre stage, but people have already come up with flavours and different ways to prepare the goodies-filled delicious beverage. While some prefer tea bombs filled with lavender or chamomile, others opt for simpler versions like green tea. Food bloggers have taken it up a notch with flowers and all sorts of fancy ingredients to make their tea look stunning.
[, 4 February 2021]

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  1. For those who are also interested in the German language: the German equivalent “Teebombe” has already been in use over 100 years ago. Then (in WWI) a company called “Teekanne” provided handmade tea bags with tea and sugar to German soliders. Her is a citation from the Aachener Zeitung; Auch der Teebeutel ist eine Erfindung des Ersten Weltkriegs: Mit der sogenannten Teebombe versorgte das Düsseldorfer Unternehmen ” Teekanne” die Soldaten an der Front. 28.6.2014

  2. Maysa Shihi

    I really love your dictionary but you don’t give us neccessary words. I want to say proffee or nolo do that words really need to learn?

    1. Sivakumar Danisan

      That is up to you, but if you learnt something new, it would enhance your range of vocabulary…..cheers

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