New words – 10 May 2021

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BookTokker noun [C]
UK /ˈbʊk.tɒkəʳ/ US /ˈbʊk.tɑːkɚ/
someone who posts videos on the social media platform TikTok in which they talk about books and reading

Jaysen is an author, blogger, Disney lover, board game collector, AND BookTokker. His videos focus on offering book suggestions, tips on diversifying your bookshelf, and sharing funny stories and reactions about the books he has read. Jaysen primarily reads fantasy novels and YA.
[, 22 April 2021]

Dub-Lit noun [U]
a genre of books written by authors from Ireland and set in present-day Dublin

Hailed as the next big name in Dub-Lit, Naoise Dolan is being touted as the new Sally Rooney following a seven-way bidding war for publishing rights to her debut novel. Exciting Times breathes fresh life into the age-old romantic tale of the love triangle, offering a new perspective on the grass-is-always-greener scenario, alongside a hefty dose of dry wit, raw humour and politically-attuned insight.
[, 23 March 2020]

suburbanoir noun [U]
UK /səˌbɜː.bᵊˈnwɑːʳ/ US /səˌbɝː.bᵊˈnwɑːr/
a style of books, films etc. involving exciting, and often illegal, events that happen in an otherwise quiet neighbourhood

The new genre: suburbanoir … The suburbs haven’t been without drama over lockdown. No wonder the Disney+ Marvel TV show WandaVision has been such a hit. Tune in to the final episode this week. And expect more riffs on the dark side of the picket fence to come: out this week is Silence Is a Sense … described as “Rear Window meets [Mohsin Hamid’s] Exit West”.
[www.the, 28 February 2021]

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  1. Madculer

    Are those words as much interesting as to add them to the dictionary?
    In such a fashion, it would not be much better to create an index for only this kind of words that pop up like mushrooms after heavy rain?.

  2. I like these clever wordplay words. It’s an interesting exercise with kids to try to think of others. Gets them thinking about the meaning of words and their use.

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