New words – 19 April 2021

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gleefreshing noun [U]
the activity of refreshing news websites and social media updates on your phone or other device in order to read positive news stories

There’s also something about the in-betweenness of this moment that really enables the gleefreshing: the second the good news is official, there will still be the Senate, the coronavirus, the Supreme Court, and our broken economy to worry about … Gleefreshing has no real chance of edging out doomscrolling as the definitive experience of 2020.
[, 6 November 2020]

social biome noun [C]
UK /ˌsəʊ.ʃᵊl.ˈbaɪ.əʊm/ US /ˌsoʊ.ʃᵊl.ˈbaɪ.oʊm/
the system of relationships and interactions you have with other people, thought to be necessary for good mental and physical wellbeing

Just like how your gut microbiome benefits from diverse plant foods and top-ups of fermented stuff … so your social biome thrives when nurtured with an abundance of meaningful connections. Think: a deep chat with your oldest mate about how you’re feeling, a playful conversation with a colleague and checking in on an older family member, to show that you care.
[, 12 November 2020]

happiness economist noun [C]
UK /ˈhæp.i.nəs.iˈkɒn.ə.mɪst/ US /ˈhæp.i.nəs.iˈkɑː.nə.mɪst/
someone whose job is to study the links between a country’s wealth and the happiness of its people

Meet the 85-year-old happiness economist who wants to transform our national wellbeing. Richard Layard, author of Can We Be Happier?, believes a nation’s priority should be its citizens’ happiness.
[, 19 March 2021]

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4 thoughts on “New words – 19 April 2021

  1. Georgi Marinov

    A powerful lyrics of “Under The Milky Way” (now being used in the soundtrack of ‘The Dry’ movie) contains the superb “loveless fascination”, don’t you think it deserves its own entry?!

    “Under The Milky Way” performed by BeBe Bettencourt, from “The Dry” Soundtrack, 2021.

    Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty
    Sound of their breath fades with the light
    I think about the *loveless fascination*
    Under the Milky Way tonight

    And it’s something quite peculiar
    Something shimmering and white
    It leads you here despite your destination
    Under the Milky Way tonight

    Wish I knew what you were looking for
    Might have known what you would find
    Under the Milky Way tonight

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