New words – 29 March 2021

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clean caviar noun [U]
UK /ˌkliːn.ˈkæv.i.ɑːʳ/ US /ˌkliːn.ˈkæv.i.ɑːr/
a type of caviar (= fish eggs eaten as food) that is made in a laboratory using cells from fish

However, the most ground-breaking product at Caviar Biotec is “clean caviar”, which is being grown from sturgeon cells. Mr Benning explained: “We will be producing it without the use of the fish. Then we will basically grow the whole egg in a lab in a bioreactor.”
[, 20 March 2021]

dunchfast noun [C or U]
a meal eaten once a day that combines breakfast, lunch and dinner

Meanwhile, the move towards home working is making mealtimes yet more fluid. “With the kitchen next to the desk, food is easy pickings – meaning many will wait until mid-morning to have breakfast, while having lunch in the evening.” Some are even limiting themselves to one big meal a day – a meal sometimes referred to as “dunchfast”.
[, 22 January 2021]

tornado omelette noun [C]
UK /tɔːˈneɪ.dəʊ.ˈɒm.lət/ US /tɔːˈneɪ.dəʊ.ˈɒm.lət/
a type of omelette made by whisking the eggs with chopsticks as they cook to create a cone shape

Hold onto your hats, folks, there is a new internet egg sensation spinning out of Korea – the tornado omelette. This twisted, cone-shaped omelette is just one of a long line of egg dishes to blow out of Asia and onto our smartphone feeds.
[, 13 January 2021]

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