New words – 19 October 2020

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medfluencer noun [C]
UK /ˈmed.flu.ən.səʳ/ US /ˈmed.flu.ən.sɚ/
a medical doctor who gives advice, recommends products etc. on social media

He is a pin-up, albeit one mainly in scrubs. Kharma is part of a new set of social media stars called the medfluencers, doctors with thousands of Instagram followers and YouTube channels where videos get millions of views.
[The Times, 15 August 2020]

digital campfire noun [C]
UK /ˌdɪdʒ.ɪ.tᵊl.ˈkæmp.faɪəʳ/ US /ˌdɪdʒ.ə.t̬ᵊl.ˈkæmp.faɪr/
a small group of people who communicate online, usually on a social media site

If social media can feel like a crowded airport terminal where everyone is allowed, but no one feels particularly excited to be there, digital campfires offer a more intimate oasis where smaller groups of people are excited to gather around shared interests. I’ve identified three categories of digital campfires: private messaging, micro-communities, and shared experiences. Some digital campfires are a combination of all three.
[Harvard Business Review, 5 February 2020]

social listening noun [U]
UK /ˌsəʊ.ʃᵊl.ˈlɪs.ᵊn.ɪŋ/ US /ˌsoʊ.ʃᵊl.ˈlɪs.ᵊn.ɪŋ/
the activity of collecting information from social media sites on what people are saying about a particular topic, such as a product or brand

The number of social media conversations happening at any given time is massive. They ebb and flow with the news and cover any and all topics. From grandparents sharing local, old photos on Facebook groups to endless pop culture debates on Reddit. Social listening, or social media listening, gives you the ability to take all these conversations and get meaningful insights and data out of them.
[, 1 January 2020]

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