New words – 12 October 2020

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Japandi noun [U]
a style of home decor that combines Japanese and Scandinavian elements

A mash-up of elegant Japanese minimalism and rustic Scandinavian simplicity, Japandi is a hybrid trend bringing together the best bits of two much-loved styles. Your home is your sanctuary and you take a less-is-more approach with uncluttered spaces, clean lines and a calm, subdued colour palette. At the same time, you want your home to feel relaxed and comfortable, lived-in and homely, so finding a balance between minimal and cosy is key.
[, 21 February 2020]

grandmillennial adjective
relating to a style of dressing or decorating a home that combines old-fashioned items with modern ones

If you’re a wearer of a maxi floral dress and a chunky white trainer then you’re probably gonna love the grandmillennial style. The Millennial in us craves a simple and contemporary aesthetic, whereas the Granny in us can’t resist a bit of pattern and glamorous nostalgia from the art-deco era.
[, 23 February 2020]

tablescaping noun [U]
the activity of setting a dining table in a very artistic, decorative way, usually for a special occasion

Put simply, tablescaping is the art of dressing your table for a dinner party or special occasion – in the same way you might put together an outfit for a night out. Starting with the tablecloth, you colour-coordinate and theme your way up to the napkins, plates, bowls, salt and pepper shakers and candles, finishing off with a vase of flowers or a bowl of fresh seasonal fruit.
[, 26 July 2020]

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