New words – 7 September 2020

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quaranteam noun [C]
UK /ˈkwɒr.ᵊn.tiːm/ US /ˈkwɔːr.ᵊn.tiːm/
a group of people who go into quarantine together

Quaranteams, therefore, are not simply a convenient idea because they let people see their friends and family. Isolation poses serious health risks – both physically and mentally – that social bubbles can help alleviate while improving social well-being and quality of life.
[, 17 June 2020]

lockstalgia noun [U]
UK /lɒk.ˈstæl.dʒə/ US /lɑːk.ˈstæl.dʒə/
a feeling of nostalgia for the lockdown period of the covid-19 pandemic

Above all, just as you may have entered lockdown with purpose, exit it with purpose too. If you do not, then you may start having feelings of “lockstalgia”, and start regretting that you did not keep doing the things that you not only found more efficient but preferred and actually enjoyed.
[, 2 July 2020]

twindemic noun [C]
a widespread outbreak of both flu and covid-19 at the same time

As public health officials look to fall and winter, the specter of a new surge of Covid-19 gives them chills. But there is a scenario they dread even more: a severe flu season, resulting in a “twindemic.” … The concern about a twindemic is so great that officials around the world are pushing the flu shot even before it becomes available in clinics and doctors’ offices.
[www.nytimes, 16 August 2020]

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    Hi Team,

    In the extract from below:

    quaranteam noun [C] UK /ˈkwɒr.ᵊn.tiːm/ US

    what does “[C]” stand for, and where can I find a list of such abbreviations used on this site ?



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