New words – 31 August 2020

Ana Rocio Garcia Franco / Moment / Getty

dalgona coffee noun [C, U]
UK /dæl.ˌgəʊnə.ˈkɒf.i/ US /dæl.ˌgoʊnə.ˈkɑːf.i/
a drink made from instant coffee, sugar and hot water whipped together until thick and creamy and served over hot or cold milk

I fiddled with a number of approaches to dalgona coffee. I tried using fresh-brewed espresso, but it doesn’t froth sufficiently even when I added heavy cream and extra sugar to the mixture. (I later learned there’s something to the science of instant coffee that helps generate the necessary air bubbles.)
[, 4 May 2020]

bluicing noun [U]
the process of extracting the juice out of fruit or vegetables then mixing it with other ingredients in a blender to make a smoothie or similar drink

Then, along came the “bluicing” trend, the savior to many of my healthy eating demons. Bluicing is the act of extracting freshly made juice straight into a blender in order to make the most delicious and fresh slushies, smoothies and more. With this multi-functional wellness hack, you can skip the milk-based addition to your smoothies and use juice as the binder for all your ingredients.
[, 6 February 2020]

walktail noun [C]
UK /ˈwɒk.teɪl/ US /ˈwɑːk.teɪl/
a cocktail that you drink while you walk

For those on a budget, the walktail can just as easily be made at home. Kummer also added that it offers an additional outlet for of-age adults to socialize while maintaining a safe distance. “It’s another way of meeting your neighbors, keeping social distance, and having a drink,” he said.
[, 22 May 2020]

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5 thoughts on “New words – 31 August 2020

    1. A Fyzee

      That’s nothing to be much upset about. You can master spellings by learning to divide words into their syllables. Really an easy way.

    2. Jason

      Based on the study of Word-construction, we can guess out many words above… some were also from common knowledge, such as:
      WALKTAIL – drinking a cocktail while walking;
      BLUICING – you were making juice of fruits and you were blessing fruits into juice…

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