New words – 3 August 2020

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revenge spending noun [U]
the activity of shopping more than usual as a reaction to not having been able or allowed to do so for a period of time

The burst of sales has created a new retail term for the post-lockdown rebound: “revenge spending.” The idea is that consumers were shopping starved during their quarantine and are overcompensating by splurging more than usual.
[, 13 May 2020]

social commerce noun [U]
UK /ˌsəʊ.ʃᵊl.ˈkɒm.ɜːs/ US /ˌsoʊ.ʃᵊl.ˈkɑː.mɝːs/
the use of social media websites to buy and sell products and services

The sheer amount of time spent by people, especially younger generations, on social media apps has positioned social commerce as the indisputable market breakout trend for e-commerce in the coming years … One of the primary drivers of the success of social commerce has been the shift of preference by Generation Z and Millennials away from Facebook and towards platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram.
[, 25 June 2019]

spendemic noun [C]
a sudden tendency for people to spend money, usually on unnecessary things

Call it a spendemic. “I’ve bought an area rug, a coffee table, prints for the walls, a mirror and plants,” says Jackson Isaacson, 27, who estimates he’s spent nearly $4,000 since self-isolating due to the novel coronavirus outbreak a month ago.
[, 20 April 2020]

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9 thoughts on “New words – 3 August 2020

  1. Ivy

    There’re revenge travelling domestically here in Taiwan on the lift of lockdown due to the pandemic! I should emphasize that our community infection case has been zero for months! Nevertheless, our government still reminds people to wear masks, keep social distancing and wash hands frequently while travelling.

  2. Daniel Renuart

    We already have “retail therapy” – let’s use “covid retail therapy”
    We can also use ” online retail therapy”
    We also have “A shopping binge/spree”, why not use ” an online shopping binge”?
    What’s the point of creating new unclear words if the concept can already be clearly expressed?

  3. Terraria Fan(Completely not a name)

    I really want you to not only add new words, but put the meaning of a word in the plural form of a word. I once searched for a plural word and it only said: this is the plural form of… let’s say “understand”, then I had to search for another word again. Although it is only a very slight inconvenience, I hope you guys can perfect your dictionary, cause this dictionary website is very cool already.

    1. Cora

      You can just click on the word. For example: if you search for the word ‘phenomena’, it shows a line like this: ‘plural of phenomenon’. Instead of writing and search for the meaning of phenomenon, you can just click onto the word ‘phenomenon’ in that line, it will shows you the meaning of the word.

      Btw, what is the plural form of understand ? I though it’s a verb.

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