New words – 25 May 2020

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Zoombombing noun [U]
UK /ˈzuːm.bɒm.ɪŋ/ US /ˈzuːm.bɑː.mɪŋ/
the act of joining a meeting on the Zoom videoconferencing platform without having been invited, with the aim of disrupting it, often by posting inappropriate content

After Zoom announced it was halting product development to focus on fixing its security, the first changes appear to have arrived. The video messaging service has boomed since the coronavirus outbreak but users have fallen victim to a particular type of attack called Zoombombing.
[, 9 April 2020]

zumping noun [U]
the act of ending a relationship by telling the other person during a video call

Social distancing, self-quarantining and shelter-in-place orders have separated some hopeless romantics from potential partners amid the coronavirus pandemic, but it has also created a terrible new breakup trend for those who hope to part ways with someone they started seeing before pandemic began, but are unable to do so in person: zumping.
[, 15 April 2020]

teletherapy noun [U]
the treatment of mental illness by discussing someone’s problems with them using videoconferencing rather than in person

The transition to teletherapy has been more of a tidal wave than a trickle, with therapists, who generally prefer person-to-person interaction, saying that it’s a safer way to serve their clients.
[Chicago Tribune, 7 April 2020]

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