New words – 11 May 2020

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coronnial noun [C]
UK /kəˈrəʊ.ni.əl/ US /kəˈroʊ.ni.əl/
someone who was born around the time of the covid-19 pandemic

There’s still a debate whether “coronnials” include babies born during the pandemic. If they’re conceived prior to quarantine, do they still count? Do we really want to ask people when they were conceived? We might as well include all the babies born in 2020 in the “coronnials” generation since some are practically born wearing face shields.
[, 17 April 2020]

quaranteen noun [C]
UK /ˈkwɒr.ən.tiːn/ US /ˈkwɔːr.ən.tiːn/
a teenager in the time of the covid-19 lockdown

Is your “quaranteen” giving you a hard time about social distancing (as mine was)? Have them watch the news for one hour (or more). My college freshman’s attitude completely changed after watching coronavirus coverage on TV.
[, March 2020]

covidivorce noun [C]
UK /ˌkəʊ.vɪ.dɪˈvɔːs/ US /ˌkoʊ.vɪ.dɪˈvɔːrs/
the process of ending a marriage as a consequence of the couple spending a large period of time together in lockdown during the covid-19 pandemic

Couples whose marriages are fraying under the pressures of self-isolation could be heading for a “covidivorce.”
[, 27 March 2020]

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  1. Damon

    Who even has the time to come up with these silly and useless words? Maybe you can use them as part of a joke but they’re defo not something I would consider adding to my vocab or in this case, our Dictionary.

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