New words – 20 April 2020

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fem den noun [C]
a room in a house, or a small building near a house, where a woman can go to get away from the other people in the house and do the things she wants to do

Additionally, this property includes double centralized kitchens both complete with gas cooktops, range hoods and island bench, adjoining to the rear of the property that leads out to your own courtyard with storage shed that could be transformed into a fem den or man cave, as well as a right of way car space.
[, 16 March 2019]

granny pod noun [C]
UK /ˈgræn.i.ˌpɒd/ US /ˈgræn.i ˌpɑːd/
a very small house, built in the garden of a relative’s house, where an old person lives

Think of granny pods as guest houses with lots of high-tech medical extras. MEDCottages are pre-fabricated and designed to be installed in the backyard behind the main home (zoning laws permitting, of course).
[, 13 December 2018]

collab house noun [C]
a large house in which people who work in social media live and work together

So-called collab houses, also known as content houses, are an established tradition in the influencer world. Over the last five years they have formed a network of hubs across Los Angeles. In 2014 members of an early collab channel called Our Second Life lived and worked together in what they called the 02L Mansion. The next year, nearly all the top talent on Vine moved into a large apartment complex at 1600 Vine Street.
[New York Times, 3 January 2020]

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