New words – 9 December 2019

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slow art noun [U]
UK /ˌsləʊ.ˈɑːt/ US /ˌsləʊ.ˈɑːrt/
a mission to encourage people to take a lot of time to look at a work of art and examine it carefully in order to really appreciate it

“Many people don’t know how to look at and love art and are disconnected from it,” explains Phil Terry, the founder of Slow Art Day. “Visitors to galleries often see art from their iPads or mobile phones and slow art is an antidote to that.”
[, 17 August 2019]

hopepunk noun [U]
UK /ˈhəʊp.pʌŋk/ US /ˈhoʊp.pʌŋk/
an art form such as books, movies etc. whose plots and themes are optimistic and hopeful

As you’d imagine, hopepunk fans are generally a very friendly, generous-spirited bunch. I found Ella March … on Reddit. She told me that hopepunk “is a conscious effort to take a positive look at our world and recognise everything that’s good about it”.
[The Sunday Telegraph, 25 August 2019]

walkumentary noun [C]
UK /ˌwɒk.jəˈmen.tᵊr.i/ US /ˌwɑː.kjəˈmen.t̬ɚ.i/
a film or television programme or other event where someone walks around a particular place learning facts and information about the place or someone connected to it

On the back of that poignant anniversary, a “walkumentary” that is available for visiting Gaye fans, during which they can visit the star’s hideouts while watching original footage on an iPod of him in the town, has had a 10% rise in takers in the first six months of this year compared with the same period in 2018.
[, 17 August 2019]

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6 thoughts on “New words – 9 December 2019

  1. aleov

    It is dificult to concieve other than perfection in art, can´t be slow or fast, it is allways instant impresion that makes us feel art perfection .

  2. Slow art would inevitably be associated with other “slow” movements such as slow fashion or slow food, the counter-culture movements challenging mass production, capitalistic endeavors, etc.

    This is why I would see this term associated with an art practice that employs the same sort of tactics as the other slow movements, locally grown, fair trade, so on and so forth.

  3. Adelaide Dupont

    Lots of great memories around Hopepunk.

    At the start of 2019 someone decided “This is the aesthetic to go for”

    and I profoundly agreed.

    And now that I come to reflect on 2019 – there has been lots of Hopepunk

    in a way I had not anticipated – and much I have cultivated and developed; on my own and with others.

    Everyone is making such good points about slow art in their lives and in the world.

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