New words – 31 December 2018

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hypebeast noun [C]
a young person who is obsessed with buying the latest expensive designer clothes

For those who do not understand this world, spending hundreds on a white T-shirt with a small logo on it might sound like a vain waste of money, but it is the hypebeasts that might be having the last laugh. Many savvy young teenagers are making a fortune online, often queuing in the rain for hours to buy items on the day they’re released in store … then immediately selling them on at a profit on eBay.
[, 9 January 2018]

bundle buying noun [U]
a way of buying clothes where a number of garments that go well together are personally selected for the buyer and posted out to them

So, does this signal the end of personal style? Not at all. Think of bundle buying instead as saving time and streamlining your wardrobe – deal with the basics and you have more time to be creative.
[Grazia, 13 February 2018]

Zozosuit noun [C]
UK /ˈzəʊ.zəʊ.suːt/ US /ˈzoʊ.zoʊ.suːt/
a close-fitting garment covered in sensors that takes precise measurements of the wearer’s body and can then be used to buy items of clothing custom-made to the correct size

In the first 10 hours after the Zozosuit launched in Japan in November 2017, roughly 230,000 orders were placed and since then there have been more than a million. The company says it expects to distribute up to 10 million suits by March 2019, not entirely unrealistic given that Zozosuit launches in the UK and 72 other countries and regions (including India, China, the US and Brazil) in the coming month.
[, 27 July 2018]

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