New words – 24 December 2018

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laze noun [C]
a lava haze: a toxic cloud formed when hot lava flows into cold seawater

Laze plumes can travel with the wind and can change direction quickly, which has prompted authorities to urge the public to avoid the area completely … Even being downwind of the entry point is not advised because the wispy edges of the laze can cause skin and eye irritation and difficulty breathing.
[, 21 May 2018]

firenado noun [C]
UK /faɪə.ˈneɪ.dəʊ/ US /faɪr.neɪ.doʊ/
a fire tornado: a strong, dangerous wind created by a large fire that forms itself into an upside-down spinning cone

Firefighters have captured the moment a “firenado” – a fire tornado resembling a twister – engulfed a plastics factory in Derbyshire. The cyclonic vista was created by a combination of turbulent air and intense heat, and was tackled by officers from services in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire.
[, 8 August 2018]

Hothouse Earth noun [C, U]
UK /ˌhɒt.haʊs.ˈɜːθ/ US /ˌhɑːt.haʊs.ˈɝːθ/
a situation where it will no longer be possible to control climate change, leading to large areas of Earth becoming uninhabitable

In a Hothouse Earth, global average temperatures would rise 4–5° C (7–9° F) and sea levels will rise 10–60 meters (33–200 feet) above today’s levels. This would be catastrophic for many aspects of modern civilization. Many agricultural regions would become too hot and arid to sustain crops, making it impossible to feed large swaths of humanity.
[, 9 August 2018]

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