New words – 2 July 2018

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haem noun [U]
an organic molecule found in plants that can be used in vegetarian and vegan cooking to mimic the red colour of meat

Silicon Valley start-up Impossible Foods has launched a plant-based burger using the sci-fi-sounding gene-edited ingredient. Haem makes the patty ‘bleed’ and imparts iron-filled meatiness. It’s considered the best meat-free burger, bar none.
[Good Food Magazine, January 2018]

sunion noun [C]
a type of onion that does not make your eyes water when you slice or chop it

With typical onions, these compounds, which form sulphuric acid when they come into contact with the water in your eyes, remain stable or increase during storage. But with sunions the levels actually decrease over time, resulting in an onion variety that becomes sweeter, milder, and tearless.
[, 10 January 2018]

crossushi noun [U, C]
UK /krəʊ.ˈsuː.ʃi/ US /kroʊ.ˈsuː.ʃi/
a croissant with sushi inside it

Full disclosure, in case you couldn’t already tell, I am one of those croissant purists. I prefer to stick to a non-stuffed pastry — unless chocolate is involved — that showers flakes, not salmon, onto my lap. But, the “crossushi” was not created for me. It was created for adventurous eaters who care more for creativity and possibilities of what can be.
[, 2 January 2018]

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