New words – 11 June 2018


workleisure noun [U]
UK /ˈwɜːk.leʒ.əʳ/ US /ˈwɝːk.liː.ʒɚ/
a fashionable style of clothing that is as comfortable as leisurewear but also formal enough for wearing to work

Simply put, workleisure is office-appropriate clothing that feels like your favorite yoga pants. Think comfortable and stylish.This game-changing wardrobe category is made of technical, durable materials. You can expect incredibly stretchy, low-maintenance fabrics cut into flattering work/dinner/happy hour-appropriate pieces.
[, 20 November 2017]

schmoo noun [C]
a jumper without a hole for the head to go through, intended to be wrapped around the wearer’s shoulders

August is always silly season, but the fashion industry doesn’t always join in with such humorous abandon. We haven’t even gotten to the schmoo yet. The what? Oh, it’s a jumper – minus the traditional hole for your head to go through – designed to be worn over the shoulders for extra warmth. “It’s like a child’s security blanket,” schmoo inventor Michael Kors said after his New York show in which they debuted.
[The Pool, 17 August 2017]

drouser noun [C]
UK /ˈdraʊ.zəʳ/ US /ˈdraʊ.zɚ/
an item of clothing comprising a dress attached to a pair of trousers

You know how sometimes you can’t make up your mind about wearing a dress or a trouser? Now, you can wear both at the same time. Yes, a hybrid clothing item consisting of the two is now a trend. Don’t confuse it with putting on a skirt over a pair of pants though. The drouser, as it is termed, is one garment by itself. Just have a look at the designs by Elie Saab for the Spring 2017 Haute Couture runway.
[, 25 February 2017]

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4 thoughts on “New words – 11 June 2018

  1. Martha Beatriz Diaz Sanchez

    wearing to work

    Simply put, workleisure is office-appropriate clothing that feels like your favorite yoga pants. Think comfortable and stylish.
    I like workleisure is a beautiful clothe.

  2. Martha Beatriz Diaz Sanchez

    THREAD: It´s a thin strand of cotton, wool, silk etc, especially when used for sewing.
    HILO= thread.

  3. Well, ‘drouser’ is not a word, it’s a portmanteau from ‘dress’ and ‘trouser’. I can’t remember the last time I heard someone say ‘spork’, so why should this be included in a dictionary?

    1. Thanks for your question. The words featured in this blog are not in the Cambridge Dictionary. The idea behind this post is to point out new words that are appearing in the media. Often, as you say, these words come and go very quickly. This is why we conduct extensive research before adding any new words to the dictionary.

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