New words – 26 March 2018

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STEMinist noun [C]
UK /ˈstem.ɪ.nɪst/ US /ˈstem.ə.nɪst/
someone who promotes equal opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (known collectively as STEM)

Providing young women with positive role models is crucial if we are to inspire them to take up a career in science, technology, engineering or maths. That’s why Randox has teamed up with other key employers and organisations within Northern Ireland to celebrate the work of STEMinists across the country and share their stories.
[, 16 June 2017]

bropropriation noun [U]
UK /brəʊˌprəʊ.priˈeɪ.ʃᵊn/ US /broʊˌproʊ.priˈeɪ.ʃᵊn/
a situation when a man takes a woman’s idea, claims that it is his own and gets the credit for it

So what can you do? In her book, Feminist Fight Club, author Jessica Bennett suggests the following: find a male ally who sees the problem and put him on bropropriation watch, getting him to point it out when he sees it.
[The Pool, 3 August 2017]

hepeating noun [U]
a situation when a man repeats a good idea expressed by a woman and acts as though it were his own

Pretty much any woman you ask will have experienced some form of hepeating over the course of her life. For me it was university, where I’d say something in a tutorial and then some guy … would say, ‘Yeah, just coming off the back of that, I was thinking…’ and then say exactly what I had just said without adding anything.
[, 26 September 2017]

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