New words – 29 January 2018

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peticure noun [C]
UK /ˈpet.ɪ.kjʊəʳ/ US /ˈpet.ɪ.kjʊr/
a pedicure (a beauty treatment for the feet and toenails) given to pets such as dogs

Ria Winstanley runs the Pet Spa in Chelsea, west London. She doesn’t see the peticure business booming in the UK just yet. She says her salon used to occasionally paint dogs’ nails back when they had an outlet in Harrods, “but we certainly don’t do cats – if you had ever had to groom a cat, I don’t think you’d be asking me that question. When grooming cats, you do what you can, then get out.”
[The Guardian, 13 September 2017]

dogfluencer noun [C]
UK /’dɒg.flu.ən.səʳ/ US /ˈdɑːg.flu.ən.sɚ/
a dog that can help increase the profile of a brand or company through its presence and photos on social media sites

Dogfluencers are big business. The most influential dogs can command anything up to $3500 for a social media post. Which is why last year, The Dog Agency launched in New York, billed as the first management company “exclusively for animal influencers”. It has already partnered famous dogs with brands such as Google and 20th Century Fox.
[The Pool, 10 August 2017]

goat yoga noun [U]
UK /ˈgəʊt .jəʊ.gə/ US /ˈgoʊt .joʊ.gə/
a type of yoga practised in the presence of live goats, who are encouraged to interact with the participants

To be clear, “goat yoga” does not refer to some novel new pose for you, a seasoned yoga aficionado, to study, practice, and eventually master. It refers to a regular old yoga class that is punctuated by actual goats wandering aimlessly in between you and your fellow yogis and doing…goat stuff, I guess.
[, 7 August 2017]

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