New words – 8 January 2018


up lit noun [U]
/ˈʌp lɪt/
a literary genre comprising books that make the reader feel optimistic

A bruising year dominated by political and economic uncertainty … has, publishers say, kickstarted a new trend they have have branded “up lit”. In contrast with the “grip lit” thrillers that were the market leaders until recently, more and more bookbuyers are seeking out novels and nonfiction that is optimistic rather than feelgood. 
[The Guardian, 2 August 2017]

book doula noun [C]
/ˈbʊk duː.lə/
a person whose job is to help a would-be author get their book published and to offer advice and support throughout the process

Distinguishing themselves from agents and editors, book doulas offer a sort of coaching service, a kind eye to reassure nervous authors who are having trouble getting their book published. Ariane Conrad, who calls herself an “editorial coach and consultant, AKA book doula”, refers to her services as “bookbirthing”.
[The Guardian, 6 September 2017]

BookTuber noun [C]
UK /ˈbʊk.tʃuː.bəʳ/ US /ˈbʊk.tuː.bɚ/
someone who posts videos of book reviews on the social media site YouTube

Print reviewing and vlogging are two very different things. BookTubers make excellent reading guides and they’re happy to chat about the sort of stuff usually ignored by print critics such as the look (and even feel) of books. There’s a great deal of bookish fun to be had out there on YouTube.
[The Times, 11 August 2017]

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