New words – 6 November 2017

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bubble waffle noun [C]
UK /ˈbʌb.ᵊl ˈwɒf.ᵊl/ US /ˈbʌb.ᵊl ˈwɑːf.ᵊl/
a type of food made from a mixture of milk, flour, and egg, that is cooked in a special pan whose surface forms a pattern of raised spheres and is then filled with other sweet or savoury foods

Inspired by a Hong Kong street food known as gai daan jai, this confection is continuing to make inroads around the world … Instead of a Belgian waffle’s grid, a bubble waffle, or egg waffle, consists of an interconnected hive of spheres. Think bubble wrap, but edible (and much less noisy).
[The Washington Post, 6 April 2017]

rainbow croissant noun [C]
UK /ˈreɪn.bəʊ ˈkwæs.ɒ̃/ US /ˈreɪn.boʊ kwɑːˈsɑ̃ː/
a piece of light, crescent-shaped pastry made with dough that has been dyed in a pattern of different colours

Now, a café in London has started selling rainbow croissants.The serious stylish pastry features bold shades and precise lines – and you can guarantee they’re as easy on the tastebuds as they are on the eye. The pigmented pastries have been dreamt up by Sarah Barber, a pastry chef who has luxury hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants on her culinary CV.
[, 11 May 2017]

snackadium noun [C]
a selection of snack foods arranged in the form of an American football stadium, usually served to a group of people who are watching the annual Super Bowl game

A growing fringe of snackadium builders like Mr. Aron spend days meticulously constructing elaborate football-arena models using Super Bowl party food. Guacamole end zones rest under beef-jerky goal posts. Spectator stands seat hot wings, sliders and sushi. Cocktail weenies become players with Frito helmets. Cheese blocks perched on skewers make excellent stadium lights.
[, 2 February 2017]

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    1. Denise Coelho

      There is.
      A cookbook gives us a walkthrough on how to actually make the foods, which is called a recipe, you see?
      A dictionary, as can be seen here, explains what a given word of a language means and entails- and that includes from apples to bubble waffles.
      If you still struggle with the differences, google bubble waffles recipe and I’m sure you will see the light.
      But if your comment was intended as a joke, it was funny, i guess.

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