New words – 25 September 2017


frequency patch noun [C]
a small piece of material that can be stuck to the skin, from which particular substances can be absorbed into the body that are said to help with tiredness and some illnesses

Kritzer and her team draw on an alternative healing method called “frequency patches” … that operate under the belief that our bodies work best when we’re vibrating at a specific internal frequency — a sweet spot in the neighborhood of 62-72Hz. The stickers are “programmed” to mimic this optimum level, and Kritzter says you can “replenish any deficiencies” and raise your “vibration to the perfect frequency” by wearing them for a month.
[, 3 November 2016]

heartilage piercing noun [C]
UK /ˈhɑː.tᵊl.ɪdʒ.ˌpɪə.sɪŋ/ US /ˈhɑːr.t̬ᵊl.ɪdʒ.ˌpɪr.sɪŋ/
a hole made in the cartilage of the top of the ear so that a heart-shaped earring can be worn

There’s no denying that it’s difficult to design a unique yet chic cartilage earring simply because of the sensitivity and location on the ear, but a piercing legend in New York City … simply removed the bead from his client’s cartilage ring, turned in the metal ends, and shaped the piercing into a heart. Robbie’s creativity with the heartilage piercing might have been inspired by his frequent heart daith piercings, the innermost area of cartilage, which he often pierces with a beaded heart ring.
[, 9 March 2017]

helix tattoo noun [C]
a tattoo on the top of the outer ridge of the ear

 All over Instagram, people are proudly showcasing a snazzy new tattooing trend: the helix tattoo. As its name suggests, this trend is simply getting a tattoo on the ear’s upper-outer curve. It’s going big recently thanks to Seoul-based tattoo artist Zihee, who’s been creating all kinds of delicate, nature-inspired designs on people’s ears.
[Metro, 26 April 2017]

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