New words – 4 September 2017

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avocado hand noun [U]
UK /ˌæv.əˈkɑː.dəʊ.hænd/ US /ˌæv.əˈkɑː.doʊ.hænd/
an injury that results when you use a knife to try to remove the stone from an avocado and cut your hand instead

Simon Eccles, secretary of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, explained how he now treats up to four people a week for avocado hand. When slippery fruit meets sharp knife and hard stone, intricate surgery is often required to mend the deep lacerations.
[The Telegraph, 15 May 2017]

Q noun [U]
a chewy texture typical of food from Taiwan

Q is a springy, chewy texture … it’s a cornerstone of Taiwanese cooking so revered it appears repeatedly throughout the day in dishes both sweet and savory, hot and cold, and even in drinks.
[, May 2017]

runch noun [C]
a run that you do for exercise during your lunch break

For many trail runners, “runch” is the most important meal of the day. Running at lunch provides a predictable window of opportunity to conquer some miles. Most office jobs involve about an hour of lunch, which is enough time to get a solid aerobic stimulus before sitting in front of a computer for a few more hours.
[, 16 May 2017]

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5 thoughts on “New words – 4 September 2017

  1. Arturo Leo

    New words (neologismos in spanish) a great opportunity to participate in introducing “mode” to a lenguaje as well as idiomatic expressions since lenguaje should be always alive.

    1. OMEARA

      Possibly, but isn’t British cooking ineptitude more rare now?

      – Many Brits not only love, but are very good at, cooking, or have I lived in France for too long?

      Just look at the popularity / success of cooking shows on British TV

    2. Lyudmila

      May be, it’s only your ineptitude of thinking..;) I like the way new English words tends to appear in language, and it’s great we have this possibility to be part of this process!

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