New words – 28 August 2017

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guideshop noun [C]
UK /ˈgaɪd.ʃɒp/ US /ˈgaɪd.ʃɑːp/
a shop where customers can see and try products then order them to be delivered to their home, but which does not stock them for sale

By letting customers try out products but not stocking apparel for sale, Bonobos can cut costs with smaller stores, offer a wider selection of styles and fits, and focus on customer service rather than inventory management, Dunn said. He declined to comment on the company’s growth or revenues but said the guideshops are profitable.
[Chicago Tribune, 20 April 2016]

retailtainment noun [U]
the use of sound, lighting and entertaining activities to encourage shoppers to buy things

Chinese shoppers can expect to see more emphasis on retailtainment that falls into the health and fitness category, reflecting a growing consumer interest in healthy lifestyles. Not only does this mean malls are likely to make space for more sport facilities, but also that developers will set aside retail space for niche brands trying to make it into the China market.
[, 3 February 2017]

community mall noun [C]
UK /kəˈmjuː.nə.ti.mɔːl/ US /kəˈmjuː.nə.t̬i.mɑːl/
a small, open-air shopping mall, usually with plants, trees and an outdoor seating area

There are at least two dozen “community malls” in Bangkok, often opened by small businesses … rather than the development giants whose outlets attract the likes of Prada, Cartier and Gucci. They also target a specific demographic, even if they are technically open to all.
[The Guardian, 3 April 2017]

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