New words – 12 June 2017

Lana Pfeifer/EyeEm/Getty

ambient tea noun [C and U]
a type of tea served at room temperature, usually with food

Ambient tea … feels appropriate for service with fine food as it can be poured from a bottle or decanter into glasses at a temperature that creates no condensation on the glass and is pleasant to hold in one’s hands.
[, 14 December 2016]

golden milk noun [C and U]
UK /ˈgəʊl.dᵊn.mɪlk/ US /ˈgoʊl.dᵊn.mɪlk/
a type of drink made with coconut milk, turmeric and sometimes other ingredients

Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, golden milk is a combination of the powerful spice turmeric, coconut milk, and sometimes coconut oil.
[, 21 June 2016]

mindful drinking noun [U]
the activity of consuming little or no alcohol at social events

Forget pub crawls – increasing numbers of young people are replacing beer and wine with “mindful drinking” – where abstinence, not alcohol, is all the rage.
[The Observer, 26 February 2017]

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One thought on “New words – 12 June 2017

  1. Tasorius

    I disagree with the idea that a word needs to be used a lot to belong in a dictionary.
    Online dictionaries shouldn’t be treated the same way as physical dictionaries.

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