New words – 29 May 2017

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Instagirl noun [C]
UK /ˈɪn.stə.gɜːl/ US /ˈɪn.stə.gɝːl/
a female model who has a large number of followers on Instagram, a social media site for sharing photographs

US Vogue coined the term “Instagirl” to describe the new crop of models whose careers and Instagram platforms are effectively one and the same.
[The Observer, 5 March 2017]

shelfie noun [C]
a photograph that someone takes of the books and other objects on their shelves and then publishes on a social media site

Instagram has a lot to answer for. While most us are just beginning to get to grips with the selfie, the ‘shelfie’ movement has been gaining digital ground.
[The Telegraph, 3 February 2017]

surroundie noun [C]
a 360-degree photograph taken with a special camera

Forget selfies – 2017 is all about 360° cameras and ‘surroundies’, which capture the entire scene around you.
[Elle, January 2017]

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    Languge is alive and keeps changing. Thank God we have people registering changes and keeping us updated.

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