New words – 1 May 2017

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Chief Happiness Officer noun [C]
UK /tʃiːf.ˈhæp.i.nəsˌɒf.ɪ.səʳ/ US /tʃiːfˈhæp.i.nəsˌɑː.fɪ.sɚ/
someone whose job is to ensure that employees of a particular company are happy and fulfilled

Chief Happiness Officer is perhaps the most controversial job title in business. To some, it’s a sign that employee engagement is finally being taken seriously. To others, it signals an unwelcome move towards employers tinkering with our emotions at work.
[, 13.10.2016]

funsultant noun [C]
someone who advises employees on how to make the company a more fun place to work

In The Wellness Syndrome … we took a look at the increasing fascination with happiness at work. We found a growing industry of “funsultants” offering advice on how to make workforces more positive.
[The Guardian, 12.12.2016]

vibe manager noun [C]
UK /ˈvaɪb.mæn.ɪ.dʒəʳ/ US /ˈvaɪb.mæn.ɪ.dʒɚ/
someone whose job is to create a good atmosphere in the workplace

Kerry Robinson has worked extensively in the start-up world – at Airbnb, Crowdsurfing, Soundcloud and Headspace – as a self-styled ‘vibe manager’. That means she uses any tool she can – from food and yoga to parties and funky settings – to maintain a positive mindset inside the organisation and make sure people are enjoying their time at work.
[, 16.09.2016]

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