New words – 17 April 2017

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Ikea effect noun [U]
UK /aɪ.ˈkiːə.ɪˌfekt/ US /aɪ.ˈkiːə.əˌfekt/
the tendency to like something more if you have built or created it yourself

There’s a phenomenon in psychology known as the “Ikea effect”. Putting together Ikea furniture makes people like it more, and what holds true for … Swedish furniture can also be applied to our lives more broadly. When we devote ourselves to difficult but worthwhile tasks, our lives feel more significant.
[Red magazine, February 2017]

catio noun [C]
UK /ˈkæt.i.əʊ/ US /ˈkæt̬.i.əʊ/
an enclosed area outside a house for pet cats

What, cynics may ask, distinguishes a “catio” from a “screened-in porch”? They clearly haven’t seen the catwalks that wind around Dan Reeder’s Seattle house and yard … with, as he wrote on his blog, “everything a cat could want in that place, including a catnip plant.”
[Washington Post, 31.08.2016]

twodio noun [C]
UK /ˈtjuː.di.əʊ/ US /ˈtuː.di.oʊ/
a small apartment with one large room for sleeping and living in, a bathroom, and a kitchen that is shared with another apartment

You will have heard of studio apartments, but you might not have heard of the twodios. The contemporary-looking accommodation is set up like part flat, part university halls … the residents get a private room and en-suite bathroom, no bills and a cleaner. The kitchen is shared between two.
[Metro, 02.05.2016]

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