New words – 10 April 2017


woonerf noun [C]
UK /ˈvəʊn.ɜːf/ US /ˈvoʊn.ɝːf/
a road in which drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and local residents share the same space, and where measures designed to slow traffic have been implemented

Woonerf originated in Holland as a term to describe areas where walking, cycling, playing, and socializing occurred between houses and traffic oriented streets. Woonerfs have since been adapted to more commercialized settings in North America.
[, 11 January 2017]

pork-chop island noun [C] UK /ˌpɔːk.tʃɒp ‘aɪ.lənd/ US /ˌpɔːrk.tʃɑːp ‘aɪ.lənd/
a triangle-shaped area at an intersection between two roads

The idea behind the design is to allow pedestrians to use the north-, south-, and east-leg crosswalks without interrupting traffic making a westbound right turn. Once pedestrians reach the pork-chop island, they will be able to press a light signal that will make incoming traffic stop for a set amount of time.
[, 15 July 2016]

iceberg basement noun [C] UK /ˈaɪs.bɜːg ˌbeɪs.mənt/ US /ˈaɪs.bɝːg ˌbeɪs.mənt/
a part of a building consisting of several storeys built below ground level

Claridge’s, the luxury hotel, has submitted plans for a five-storey iceberg basement including a swimming pool, gym and wine store. 
[The Telegraph, 07 September 2016]

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