New words – 3 April 2017

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knafeh noun [U] /næ.ˈfiː/
a dish, originally from the Middle East, consisting of layers of pastry and soft cheese, soaked in sugar syrup

London is going crazy for knafeh – a Middle Eastern sweet treat with layers of cheesy pastry soaked in sugar syrup. Try it sprinkled with pistachios at The Barbary or at Arabica Bar and Kitchen.
[Sainsbury’s Magazine, January 2017]

raindrop cake noun [C] UK /ˈreɪn.drɒp ˌkeɪk/ US /ˈreɪn.drɑːp ˌkeɪk/
a translucent Japanese dessert made from mineral water and a type of gelatine

It’s translucent, delicate and fresh-tasting. Meet the raindrop cake, a calorie-free, mineral water-based gastronomic oddity that our friends on the other side of the Atlantic can’t get enough of.
[, 20.04.2016]

seitan noun [U] /ˈseɪ.tæn/
a substance made of wheat that is used in cooking instead of meat

Also referred to as ‘wheat meat’ or ‘gluten meat’, seitan is high in protein and has a look and texture similar to meat when cooked. This means it makes a better ‘mock meat’ than soybean based alternatives like tofu, and you’ll find it in restaurants as a veggie version of chicken wings.
[, December 2016]

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  3. Aisa

    Knafeh is a very popular dessert here in Turkey, especially in Hatay. I am glad that it is becoming much known all around the world.

    1. Radwa

      konafa (the first vowel is short, like any o in co-; the second is long, like the a in Naples, the third is pronounced as ah)

  4. Mali

    yes it is known in Turkey but not by most and also i don’t think every single word should be added into dictionary if you do that dictionaries will lose its can only tell what it is with vote yes doesnt mean that it is necessary.

    1. Aisa


      I respect your thoughts but considering English is a language that many people uses around the world, you can’t stop it from taking new words from foreign languages.

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