New words – 16 January 2017

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ALLVISIONN/iStock/Getty Images Plus

escape room noun [C] UK /ɪˈskeɪp ˌruːm/ US /ɪˈskeɪp ˌrʊm/
an activity that involves locking people in a room and giving them a set amount of time to escape by solving a series of puzzles

Escape rooms are very much the trendy way to gather your friends and family for a night out. You can put their puzzle skills to the test as the clock counts down every last second of your frantic attempts to emerge victorious from a locked room.
[Daily Record 22 October 2016]

night czar noun [C] UK /ˈnaɪt.ˌzɑʳ/ US /ˈnaɪt.ˌzɑːr/
a person who has been given special powers by the government to deal with a city’s night-time activities and events

Newly appointed London night czar Amy Lamé has described the challenge of reducing the number of live venue and nightclub closures as her “total priority” in a conversation with Music Week. 
[ 7 November 2016]

micro-adventure noun [C] UK /ˈmaɪ.krəʊ.ədˌven.tʃəʳ/ US /ˈmaɪ.kroʊ.ədˌven.tʃɚ/
a short, exciting activity, such as a trip or experience

Bored of the 9 to 5? A micro-adventure could be just the thing.
[ 22 November 2016]

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  4. Ayten

    Wow I really like micro-adventure! It definitely should be added to the dictionary!I hope I’ll able to use this word very often for my life 😛

  5. SPIKE

    using the word micro-adventure almost qualifies as a micro-adventure, as opposed to crashing an Oscar party which would be considered a major adventure.

  6. backyard teacher

    At least people who don’t know how to use this word can search it if it is ever voted to be put in this dictionary! 🙂

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