New words – 2 January 2017


adulting noun [U] UK ‘æd.ʌlt.ɪŋ US ə’d.ʌlt.ɪŋ
doing things that are associated with being an adult

A few nights ago, I got home from work and sat on my bed, scrolling through Twitter. I didn’t get far in my timeline before I saw a tweet from a twentysomething who said she was “adulting” because she cooked herself dinner. Ugh.
[Cosmopolitan 20 June 2016]

bird’s nest parenting noun [U] UK ˌbɜ:dz.nest.ˈpeə.rən.tɪŋ US ˌbɝ:dz.nest.ˈper.ən.t̬ɪŋ
an arrangement where the children of a couple who have separated remain in the family home and their parents take it in turns to live with them there

Instead of moving the children each weekend or each month, ‘bird’s nest parenting’ sees the mother and father do the rotating in and out of the home – while the children remain the constants.
[ 17 October 2016]

sharenting noun [U] UK ‘ʃeə.rənt.ɪŋ US ‘ʃe.rənt.ɪŋ
using social media excessively to share information about one’s children

In the United States, according to a survey, 90 per cent of two-year-olds have a presence on social media … The UK is going the same way. There is a commensurate rise in concern that sharenting — obsessive peacocking about your offspring’s looks, sporting achievements and toilet-training schedule — could be damaging. 
[The Times 05 November2016]

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