New words – 24 October 2016

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bobu noun [C] UK /’bəʊ.bu:/ US /’boʊ.bu:/
a businessman who leads a bohemian lifestyle

Welcome to the world of the bobu — bohemian businessman — the new breed of freedom-seeking creative entrepreneur. He either rejects the world of conventional employment or has been rejected by it.
[The Times 25 September 2016]

Gen Z noun [U] UK /ˌdʒen ‘zed/ US /ˌdʒen ‘zi:/
a way of referring to the group of people born between the late 1990s and the early 2010s

Marketing has a new buzzword: Gen Z. Younger than millennials, the next generation is more reliant on digital than its predecessor, forcing brands to get more creative in their marketing.
[Adweek 28 September 2016]

midult noun [C] /ˈmɪd.ʌlt/
someone, especially a woman, in the middle stage of adulthood who has interests more associated with those of younger people

Marketers and political pundits are fond of identifying new demographic groups […] The latest is the Midult – a phrase coined by journalists Emilie McMeekan and Annabel Rivkin to describe a new tribe of women aged 35-55. The Midult is being described as more than just a demographic but a movement and a mindset.
[ 13 July 2016]

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  3. Penny

    Has the hyphen been totally abolished? E.g. Biweekly rather than bi-weekly? Is this laziness due to digital keyboard limitations?

  4. Dan

    This should be added or something should be thought of…

    [Verb] Yodding UK /yɒd/ US /yɑːd/ -dd-
    The process of moving your head side to side to show disagreement or as a visual representative of “no”.
    “he began yodding slowly”
    synonyms – Yod, yoded, yods, no

    Nodding (antonym) – Moving your head in a downwards and then upwards motion

    Shake has too many connotations in my opinion.

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