New words – 17 October 2016

Thomas Faull/iStock/Getty
Thomas Faull/iStock/Getty

chatbot noun [C] UK /’tʃæt.bɒt/ US /’tʃæt.bɑːt/
a software program that uses artificial intelligence to mimic conversation with the user

Nadella and Marcus see chatbots – computer programs that you interact with by “chatting” – for example in threads in messaging apps – as an important new human/machine interface.

[The Guardian 18 September 2016]

blockchain noun [C]  UK /’blɒk.tʃeɪn/ US /’blɑːk.tʃeɪn/
an encrypted database of online transactions

Most have heard of bitcoin, fewer are familiar with blockchain. Bitcoin uses blockchain to form a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system.

[ 30 September 2016]

commjacking noun [U]  UK /ˈkɒm.dʒæk.ɪŋ/ US /ˈkɑːm.dʒæk.ɪŋ/
a method of intercepting the data flow on a wifi network

This notion of commjacking was invented to describe the ability to hijack the communication channel between any device and the WiFi or cellular networks to which it is connected. Commjacking gives the attacker the ability to eavesdrop on conversations, intercept data transmissions to and from the device, and manipulate the data, or the device itself.

[The Telegraph 20 September 2016]

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