New words – 10 October 2016


freakshake noun [C] /’friːk.ʃeɪk/
a milkshake made with ice cream and other sweet foods including cream, chocolate and cake

Could there be a more epic drink (if you can call it a drink) than the freakshake? Originating in Australia, these monstrous concoctions promise to fix all your sugar cravings at once with their combo of milky goodness, rich, gooey cake, cookie chunks, lashings of cream and a carnival of colourful toppings.

[Time Out 12 July 2016]

frosé noun [C or U] UK /ˈfrəʊ.zeɪ/, US /froʊ.ˈzeɪ/
a type of alcoholic drink made of frozen rosé wine mixed with sugar, lemon juice and sometimes other alcoholic drinks

Seemingly kick-started over social media, frosé has emerged as the latest drink of choice for sun worshipping Instagrammers, with wine-lovers taking to their apps to show their appreciation for a bottle of frozen blush.

[Standard 21 June 2016]

hamdog noun [C] UK /ˈhæm.dɒg/, US /ˈhæm.dɑːg/
a combination of a hamburger and a hot dog

An entrepreneur in Australia is hoping to make plenty of dough after inventing the “hamdog”. Despite securing a US patent for the “combination hamburger hot dog bread bun” in 2009, Mr Murray failed to obtain funding from potential investors.

[The Telegraph 20 September 2016]

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