New words – 3 October 2016

Graiki/Moment Open/Getty
Graiki/Moment Open/Getty

extreme phone pinching noun the practice of holding a mobile phone between the thumb and forefinger and dangling it over a perilous place while taking a selfie

Have you got what it takes to stomach the extreme phone pinching challenge? No, seriously.

[ 05 October 2015]

gloving noun dance performed with the hands while wearing special gloves with LED lights

To get why gloving has become so huge, you have to understand EDM, the American version of house music.

[ 20 December 2015]

pabebe noun a style of waving with the fingers closed

Millions of people in the Philippines and beyond are taking pictures of themselves giving a cute little wave called the ‘Pabebe’.

[ 29 October 2015]

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