New words – 26 September 2016

ZenShui/Laurence Mouton/PhotoAlto/Getty
ZenShui/Laurence Mouton/PhotoAlto/Getty
aquafaba noun the water from cooked beans, used as an egg white substitute in vegan cuisine

Don’t pour that slimy chickpea brine down the drain – ‘Aquafaba’ is the latest healthy food substitute being used in cakes, meringue and mousse desserts

[ 29 November 2015]

food swamp noun an area with an abundance of fast food retailers but a dearth of healthy, fresh food sellers

‘The food swamp or the lack of access to healthy food is a much bigger problem than the food desert,’ she said.

[ 10 November 2015]

wackaging noun product packaging that contains a cute or humorous element, often using an exaggeratedly friendly tone on its labelling

Most of the Innocent-inspired wacky packaging or ‘wackaging’ on the market ends up sounding twee or cringeworthy.

[ 10 November 2015]

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  3. Bobby

    Hey! I have a suggestion to make. I don’t know if this is the right place or not but i didn’t get any other column so am suggesting here.
    The feature of creating our own dictionary after login is wonderful.I think if you make a provision of space there to write some sentences so that if the person wants to write and remember in what context the meaning was seen,it would be wonderful.
    Also it would be great if one can save the words with day and time and also in the sequence one wants.
    Also same words having different meanings do not display in sequence even if seen at the same time.For example: The word “discretion” has 2 meanings and when i save both at the same time, 1 meaning is displayed at one point and the 2nd after some other words. Ideally it should display at the same place so that in future if the person is seeing the meaning,he knows the word has 2 meanings rather looking if the word has another meaning in the whole set of words stored.

    Hope the concerned department would look into this.

    1. Hi Bobby, you can use the ‘Contact us’ link on the Help page at , but it’s also fine to contact via the blog, of course. Many thanks for your very useful comments on the My Dictionary wordlist feature, we’re glad that you’re making use of this feature. We are currently looking into ways of making My Dictionary more useful, and will certainly take your suggestions into consideration. Thanks again!

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