New words – 12 September 2016


cook processor noun a piece of kitchen equipment that both processes (e.g. by chopping or kneading) and cooks food

My new toy – a KitchenAid cook processor, is pretty incredible and I have used it loads since Andrew bought it for Christmas.

[ 03 January 2016]

matcha noun a type of Japanese green tea, popular with health food enthusiasts

This brand new edition of Hello Panda features cocoa infused biscuits with a delicious matcha cream filling.

[ 02 January 2016]

spiralizer noun a piece of kitchen equipment for cutting vegetables into long winding ribbons

Mary Berry used a spiralizer on her new cooking show and Twitter couldn’t cope

[ (feature title) 26 January 2016]

Originally a Japanese invention, the spiralizer is the latest kitchen gadget must-have and it is now creeping into our restaurants.

[ 11 January 2016]

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