New words – 1 August 2016

Paper Boat Creative/DigitalVision/Getty
Paper Boat Creative/DigitalVision/Getty

sliver building noun an extremely tall, narrow skyscraper

It seems that we are seeing more super-tall buildings, including those sliver buildings on fifty-seventh street in midtown.

[WNYC: Leonard Lopate Show (US culture and current affairs) 21 January 2016]

shadow flipping noun the practice of selling a house and then re-selling it several times before completing the contract

An angry former homeowner who believes he’s a victim of ‘shadow flipping’ is speaking out about a Richmond real estate investor, who has been sued by several other homeowners, in the hopes he can serve as a warning to others in our overheated housing market.

[ 11 February 2016]

nanotecture noun small-scale, experimental architecture

Take a look at 11 other examples of ‘nanotecture’ – from the small, to the not-so-small.

[ 28 March 2016]

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