New words – 18 July


circular economy noun an economic model that prioritises the longevity of goods, for instance by sharing or recycling them

Amsterdam is fast becoming a leading circular-economy city, with businesses such as MUD Jeans and Fairphone committed to a circular economy business model.

[ 29 January 2016]

collaborative economy noun the practice of collaborating with others on owning, renting, exchanging or donating goods and services

The management guru Jeremy Rifkin argues that the ‘Internet of Things’ has triggered an economic shift from capitalist markets to a collaborative commons, while the journalist Paul Mason claims the ‘collaborative economy’ represents proof of a viable post-capitalist operating system for the 21st century.

[GQ (UK men’s magazine) February 2016]

gig noun informal a short-term job

But the idea of a gig is only alluring if you know you can hit the road when it gets joyless. Otherwise it’s just an old word for a job you need that you can’t count on having tomorrow.

[NPR: Fresh Air (US culture interviews) 11 January 2016]

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  2. I’m surprised you didn’t continue the list, The following terms are very common in the US; you’ll find lots of citations in, say, The New York Times:

    gig economy — an economy where workers accept a series of short-term jobs from a number of employers instead of seeking long-term employment from a single employer.

    sharing economy — an economy where individuals share personal assets, often assisted by online agencies like Airbnb (short-term housing) and Lyft (transportation).

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