New words – 27 June 2016

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creeping obesity noun obesity which results from incremental weight gain over a number of years

More than just a holiday glow: Experts reveal taking a vacation can actually save your LIFE (but there is still a risk of ‘creeping obesity’)

[ 27 January 2015]

Vacations contribute to Americans’ ‘creeping obesity,’ study suggests

[ 28 January 2016]

breakfastarianism noun the practice of eating breakfast foods at any meal and not merely the morning meal

There are a couple of words being bandied around. One is ‘brinner’ and the other is ‘breakfastarianism’.

[BBC Radio 4 [news programme] 25 January 2016]

reducetarian noun someone who is making a determined effort to eat less meat (and often other animal-derived products)

Want To Help The Environment, End Animal Suffering, And Improve Your Health? Become A Reducetarian!

[ 01 February 2016]

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