New words – 13 June 2016

Credit: Getty
Credit: Getty

upscaling noun the process of using a piece of equipment to improve the image on a TV screen

The upscaling – which ‘converts’ your HD TV signal to 4k – produced results almost as good as Netflix’s native 4k.

[GQ (UK men’s magazine) February 2016]

screencast noun a digital recording of a computer screen that enables output to be captured and shared

Instead of uploading and editing a screencast video, a far easier path is to transform a few short videos into animated GIFs to create step-by-step instructions.

[ 19 February 2016]

FlatCam noun a nearly flat, lensless camera that uses millions of pinholes to allow light to reach a light-sensitive chip to record the image

Right now the images this FlatCam can produce are about as good as the first conventional digital cameras.

[NPR: All Things Considered (US news and information) 15 February 2016]

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    upscaling (N): The definition helped me a lot not only to understand it but it helped me to understand how to use ‘equipment’ U/N correctly. Also please let me know ‘upscaling’ is countable or uncountable
    Thank you.
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