New words – 06 June 2016

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wonky veg noun misshapen vegetables, sold at a cheaper price, often in a bargain box

We’re trialling these fab wonky veg boxes as part of our ‘Beautiful on the Inside’ range in 128 stores in our continued effort to tackle food waste across the supply chain and to help famers.

[ 04 February 2016]

In recent months, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons have introduced wonky veg lines that incentivise customers to buy ‘imperfect’ vegetables.

[ 29 March 2016]

power bowl noun a dish, typically served in a bowl, that contains several very healthy ingredients, usually including fresh vegetables and a protein source

A reasonable question: In this, the Year of our Bowl 2016, what truly distinguishes the ‘power bowl,’ an artfully curated and composed selection of vegetables which may be pickled or roasted but are certainly beautiful […]

[ 19 February 2016]

Forget salad plates and sushi platters: Why today’s foodies are all about the new Instagram-worthy ‘power bowl’

[ 22 February 2016]

tsiperifery noun a type of wild pepper; the peppercorns have a citrus flavour

A wild pepper called tsiperifery has been winning over food connoisseurs around the world.

[ 12 February 2016]

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  2. There’s an important idea behind “wonky veg”: about 40% of all food crops raised in Europe and North America wind up garbage heaps. The fact that many stores reject imperfect but tasty food is an important factor in this waste.

  3. Emel

    I’m very skeptical about the lifetime of many of these so-called new words or expressions. I think many are one-day-wonders, or to put it another way, here today, and gone the next. Take “flopout holiday”, a term used in a respected English language teaching textbook published in 2011. This term is not found in the Cambridge online dictionary, nor in the Macmillan online dictionary, nor

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