New words – 30 May 2016

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Credit: Getty

decision fatigue noun a decreased ability to make decisions as a result of having too many decisions to make

Our brains have a finite number of decisions they can make before they get depleted and become less discerning – so this is called decision fatigue.

[PBS: All Things Considered (US news and information) 25 January 2016]

time poverty noun the lack of time to do anything to improve your life or for personal fulfillment or enjoyment due to the amount of time spent doing unpaid work

Melinda Gates Takes You Behind the Statistics on Time Poverty

[ (US video title) 22 February 2016]

the weekend effect noun the spike in death rates in hospitals at the weekend

The poll found anxiety about the ‘weekend effect’ increased most among elderly people, including 62 per cent of over-65s.

[ 15 January 2016]

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